SKrafty Minecraft Summer Camp 2017

It’s still summer in the U.S.! SKrafty SKool classes don’t begin until after Labor Day so what better time than now to work on those Minecraft skills? We have a super fun week-long online virtual camp for all SKrafty players. It’s going to be so much fun!

Your player won’t want to miss it!

When: August 28th – September 1st, 2017

Monday, August 28th
Tuesday, August 29th
Wednesday, August 30th
Thursday, August 31st
Friday, September 1st
9:00 AM CST
10:00 AM CST
11:00 AM CSTBuilder's Workshop: Getting Started and finding inspiration to build
- SuperE
Builder's Workshop: Basic Structures & Styles - SuperE
Builder's Workshop: Exterior Designs, Roofing - SuperEBuilder's Workshop: Interior Design & Exterior Decorations - SuperE
12:00 PM CST
1:00 PM CSTMinecraft Survival 101 - SuperMic767
Minecraft Survival 101 - SuperMic767Minecraft Survival 101 - SuperMic767Minecraft Survival 101 - SuperMic767
2:00 PM CSTPixel Art Workshop - StarFlight99
Pixel Art Workshop - StarFlight99
3:30 PM CSTMaster Builder's Track: Group Build Meeting on SKrafty in /Server Summer Camp
Master Builder's Track: Group Build Meeting on SKrafty in /Server Summer Camp
Master Builder's Track: Group Build Meeting on SKrafty in /Server Summer Camp
Master Builder's Track: Group Build Meeting on SKrafty in /Server Summer Camp
5:00 PM CSTPVP TournamentPVP TournamentPVP TournamentClosing Party/Final PVP Rounds if needed
6:00 PM CST
7:00 PM CST

Cost: $10.99 or FREE for Subscribers!  

Minecraft User Name:

Here are the details:

There will be several tracks to follow, and participants can choose all or some of them. Live sessions will be taught using Adobe Connect. They will be recorded for students to watch later if they miss it live.

Following are some of the tracks:

SKrafty Summer Camp:

Don’t miss the opening ceremony on Monday morning, and the Super FUN closing ceremony with awards on Friday evening at 5 PM!

Building Skills:

This workshop will be taught daily at 11:00 am by SuperE. Topics will include basic building walls and structures, landscaping and terraforming, interior design, roofs, stairs and more.

Survival Skills:

Supermic767 will take the students through a week of basic Minecraft survival each day at 1:00 PM CST. This class will be great for those who are looking to improve their survival skills.

Pixel Art Skills:

StarFlight_99 will take the students through a week of basic Minecraft survival Wednesday and Thursday at 12:00 PM CST. This class will be great for those who are looking to improve their survival skills.

PVP Tournament:

This will be a Super Fun PVP tournament with brackets. The winner gets a free month of rank up.  Tournaments will begin at 5pm Daily

Team Builder Track:

This track is for Minecraft builders who enjoy building with a team. Students will be placed on a build team and demonstrate leadership and teamwork skills to complete a master build.  Each Build team will meet up at 3:30 pm Daily.

Solar Eclipse 2017 Class on SKrafty Homeschool Minecraft

I’m sure by now you know that there is a big astronomical event happening this week – A Solar Eclipse!  A solar eclipse is definitely not common occurrence  so why not take this opportunity for a bit of learning this week?

We are offering a SKrafty class to help students learn about the science behind this fun event.  Class will be active on the EDU  on Monday Morning on 8/21 and will be automatically listed for Subscribers.  We will also have a meet up time on the Server for those who would like to learn and play with friends!  If you are not a subscriber and wish to join us you can purchase the class individually for $4.99 below:

Minecraft User Name:

Meet up time Details:

I know many of us have plans to view the eclipse live with family and/or friends so we won’t meet up to do the Minecraft build on Monday the 21st.  Instead, let’s plan to meet on the SKscience server at 3pm CST on Tuesday, August 22nd if anyone wants to work together on their projects or just hang out.  We hope to see many of you there!

Minecraft Inspired Creeper Ornament


If you have been to our booth at any of the homeschool conferences we attended this year, then you probably saw the perler bead setup we have added this year.  SuperMic and SuperGirl767 are the main proprietors of that part of our booth, and they are having so much fun with it.  They sell perler bead jewelry as well as custom perler bead creations.  With that said, we thought it would be super fun to share a plan to make your own perler bead ornament just in time to put it onto the Christmas Tree.

I know Minecraft isn’t usually thought of as a festive or particularly Christmas-y game, but once you see these cute creepers with their festive Santa hats, you’ll want to transform all your favorite Minecraft blocks into Christmas blocks. These melty bead Minecraft ornaments are so easy to make, even young kids will have a blast making them. Create fun memories that capture your children’s interest and provide holiday memories at the same time!  Here’s how to do it:

Minecraft-Inspired Creeper Ornaments

Make these melty bead creepers with your Minecraft-loving kids!

What you’ll need to make the Minecraft creeper ornaments:

Our Minecraft creeper is built on an 8X8 square. This is large enough to include all of the necessary elements of a creeper face without overwhelming your Christmas tree. This size makes an ornament with a total height of about 3 inches.

Use the following pattern to make your creeper. When the pattern says “G” that can stand for any color of green. Creepers are a mix of greens, so don’t worry about getting the pattern exactly right. It is easiest if you make the face then add the hat on top of the face.


Bead Pattern Key

  • G= Green
  • B= Black
  • R= Red
  • W=White
  • X= No beads

Creeper Face Pattern


Hat Pattern


Place the beads on the tray according to the pattern (use the picture for guidance if you need help). After arranging all the beads, heat your iron to medium heat.

Place the paper over the beads and apply pressure with the heated iron for about 20 seconds. If the beads have fused together but not started to fold over, you’ve heated it long enough.

Remove the beads from the tray and flip the creeper over.

Place the paper on the exposed side of the creeper and iron for another 20 seconds to seal the second side.

Cut a string about 3 inches long. Glue to the back of the creeper with hot glue.

Your Minecraft ornament is ready to hang on your tree!




SKrafty Donator Gifts Available


Are your kiddos asking for a SKrafty donator rank like Game Master, Princess or Jedi Master?  Do you want to purchase it for them and surprise them later for Christmas?  I have put together a couple of products so that you can buy now and they can redeem them when they receive them.  You can also get a year of the rank for a discount (2 months free).

We will even send you a printable gift certificate you can print out to put in a card, stocking or however you’d like to present it.

Here you go:

Rank up for a year:

This package will include a year of your choice of rank.  You can choose between Jedi Master, Game Master, Hulk, Spiderman, or Princess.  With this package you will get 2 months of rank free.

This purchase includes a Gift Code to Rank Up in game.  You will receive a printable Gift Certificate with gift code for the recipient to use at a later date.

Cost: $80 for 12 months

Minecraft User Name:

Rank up for a month:

This package will include a month of your choice of rank.  You can choose between Jedi Master, Game Master, Hulk, Spiderman, or Princess.

This purchase includes a Gift Code to Rank Up in game.  You will receive a printable Gift Certificate with gift code for the recipient to use at a later date.

Cost: $8.00 for 1 month

Minecraft User Name:

How to Change Minecraft Version

Minecraft has updated their client to 1.11. If you have your client set to use the latest update you will get an error when they try to get on SKrafty.  That’s because all of our supporting software isn’t ready for 1.11 quite yet.  Until then, if you are getting an error when you try to log in to SKrafty you will want to roll your Minecraft version back down 1.10 in order to get on.  As soon as 1.11 is stable we will be moving everything to that version so all these versions we are supporting aren’t so confusing.

“How to I roll back?”

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you have been playing in single player in a previous version you will want to change it back to the version you used before you go back to your single player world or you may lose some items.  This doesn’t apply to all upgrades so you just need to use caution here.

How to Change Your Minecraft Version:

First, you will close Minecraft completely if you already have it open.  Second, double click it to open it back up.  You will see the following screen with “Edit Profile” in the bottom left corner:


Click “Edit Profile”. You will then see the following screen:


Click the drop down and change the version to one I mentioned above,  Save Profile.  You should now be able to log on to SKrafty with no problem.

SKrafty Butterflies & Moths Class Sale PLUS Discount on Butterfly Kit

Butterflies & Moths ClassAre you planning to start the SKrafty Butterflies & Moths class anytime soon?  Now is a great time since it’s warming up outside.  The class is only $6.99 or free for SKrafty EDU Subscribers.  It includes 6 weeks of fun learning, and also schedules activities to go with a live Butterfly kit.  Right now Amazon has their Insect Lore kits on sale for 40% off.  That makes it only $14.99 instead of the regular price of $24.99!  You can get it now and order the butterflies/moths so they will arrive before you begin.

Pick your butterflies kit here!

This book is also highly recommended for the class:

From Caterpillar to Butterfly (Let’s-Read-and-Find-Out Science, Stage 1)

Butterflies & Moths Class Sale

Also, Don’t miss this!! For a limited time only you can get 20% off This SKrafty Class!! Go here to sign up for the class.  Use code BUTTERFLYSK at checkout to get 20% off.  Sale ends on 5/31.  Enjoy!


Minecraft Story Prompt Cube Printable


Do you have kiddos who are inspired by Minecraft?  It can be really beneficial to combine something they love with learning!  Some children have so much awesome creativity built up inside, and they just need a little boost to bring it out.  Story prompts are a perfect way to do this.  It can often be overwhelming for them to try and come up with a whole story or paragraph on their own.  If they are Minecraft fans, then you will find that these story prompts will help them to unleash and practice their creative skills in a fun way.

This project is a fun craft and story prompt that your Minecraft kiddos are sure to enjoy.  You just fold it into a square and then glue it on the lines.  Then just roll the cube, and have them finish the prompt.  You can let them tell you the story or have them write or type it.  Either way is great!

Go here to get your FREE Printable Minecraft Story Prompt Cube!

Share SKrafty With Friends: Free Printable Sharing Cards


I  don’t know how many times I have been out at music lessons, co-op, etc and heard the kiddos trying to share about SKrafty with other friends.  They sometimes scratch down the website name on a piece of paper or just tell them and hope they remember.  It has been mentioned that this same scenario plays out time and time again all over the place.
That’s exactly why we wanted to make these – SKrafty Sharing Cards!  You can print these out to have on hand when you are out and about.  Then just hand them to your friend.  It includes all the info you need to access SKrafty and be able to play with your IRL friends.

Go here to download and print your SKrafty Share Cards!